Thursday, October 21, 2010

I had another blog called "The Virgen Family" but I guess that because I never blogged in it, I lost it. Anyway I was thinking this could be my outlet to keep my sanity so to speak. Theres not much i do for free time cause i dont have any  so this could be one of my "things"( I also use makeup as an outlet) to wind down and express myself.
I am 29 years old with FOUR baby boys( they will always be my babies no matter how old they are, right?) A wonderful husband, a great family, and an Awesome God that cares, loves, protects, and provides me with what I need. Life isn't always peachy cuz did i mention i have four boys 9 yrs.old and younger. I pray that God helps me be the best my mom i can be. But there are many times i loose it and cry, yell, and make mistakes but i dust myself off, seek forgiveness and ask God for help.He helps me every time to get back on track.
So hopefully i can keep this blog going. This blog is not just about my gorgeous handsome babies but also about motherhood, marriage and Gods plan for my life.

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